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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Sit and listen. There´s nothing to solve.

Unresolvedness - The state of being unresolved or irresolute.

This word came out of my mouth today with a great conversation with Jorim Haarweh. I didn´t even know it existed until I searched for it.

I love this word. It represents the state in which it makes sense for me to lean into as I am with a person that is sharing some struggles, some stress or just venting.

Unresolvedness. I don´t need to resolve anything about that person´s experience. There´s nothing to resolve.

I can be. Just be. As a space. While that person shares her/his expression at that moment, whatever form that takes.

There´s nothing intrinsically wrong with anybody. We get mess up, confused, lost, doubtful, anxious...and then we don´t.

But underneath it all, underneath all those emotions and stories...lies a constant, an okness, a sense of innate well-being.

There´s nothing to solve. As I sit and listen in unresolvedness, I sit and listen in peace, in the space where nothing is ever harmed nor broken.

And when I am in that space in me, I see you. Slowly you come back to that place in you too.

No rush.

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