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The Danger of Being Reasonable

Last week I had a conversation with my coach Moritz Lembert about my business and the strategies I want to employ to grow it in 2023. That conversation was exactly what I needed to rethink the entire process I had in mind.

I got into that call ready. I had a methodical plan with all the little steps on how I thought about growing my business.

As I was telling him my plan, I could feel myself getting in my head and feeling confusion about some of the steps. I was going back and forth in my mind about what is a realistic thing to expect, what could I realistically create from where I find myself now?

After I finished sharing, Moritz pointed out to me that everything I was saying was creating from a stance of reasonableness.

He said my plan was boring. And he was right.

I was crafting a very methodical plan within reason about what I thought I could accomplish today - “how can I add an additional 2% improvement over what I am already creating?”

There’s nothing wrong with that. But perhaps it’s not the fastest way to create what we really want.

Because if I’d create something that is 5X or 10X the results I’m having now, I can’t think from the perspective of what got me here, I got to really stretch my imagination to what could be possible if I were to be a completely different person.

He asked me what would be really exciting to create, but my mind kept bringing me back to “how do I do that?”

The funny thing is, from the perspective of a ‘how to’ I can’t see that by allowing myself to dream freely I naturally gain clarity about the necessary steps to take to create it. If I am living in possibility, reasonable limitations of “I can’t because…” don’t seem very true.

I have read before about the ineffectiveness of creating from reasonableness. But it was only when I got coached around my blind spots around this that I could really see how I was holding myself back.

When you think about what you want to create in 2023, what would be really exciting - even if that doesn’t seem reasonable?

P.S Here’s a photo of us having lunch at a Brazilian restaurant in London. Someone in the picture wasn’t really reasonable about how much he could eat lol

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