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Stressing Out the New Schedule During Covid-19

I recently saw this post on Instagram talking about having a routine during these times of pandemic and it really resonated with me.

Since my routine was slightly changed with whole situation, these past few days I found myself really winded up with tasks.

I would basically spend hours doing something and trying to get it done even to the cost of eating. Loads of stress and tension. I would also not do the most essential and important things for now, because I thought that would take me too much work, I am not sure if it would have a good outcome and it wouldn't bring me a good feeling. Any schedule I had just plummet.

So I stayed doing the fun stuff, avoiding the important stuff. No good work, no productivity. Relate?

I had an insight about this yesterday during a coaching call. I was actually thinking that my feelings were coming from the task at hand or from my schedule. That my good feeling was coming from these tasks here...but THOSE over there, NOO WAY.

It really looked like to me that my dread feelings were coming from certain tasks or having a schedule/structure in my day. So I did what any person with this thinking would do, if I decided to do that task I would try to finish it as soon as possible, rushed, tensed up. Or I would avoid it completely and keep doing "the things that brought me a good feeling".

My insight was that my good feelings are not coming from my tasks. None of my feelings can be coming from a task or a schedule. A task doesn't have the power to inject a feeling into me, it's my whole perception of it that creates that experience.

And the best thing: if my feelings are independent from my tasks, I can have fun and feel great with any schedule.

It is as if my feelings came before the task. Today I enjoyed way more the schedule I created, I felt in a flow a lot of the time.

How about you, are you struggling with a change in schedule/routine?


If you are having a had time navigating this issue I may be able to help you through Coaching.

Click here to contact me.

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