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Flow to The Perfectionists

When I was in university I led a group program on personal development and one of the exercises I gave was on writing, but not any kind of writing…free flow writing.

This is something that really helped me in the past to get more in touch with myself, my ideas and most importantly to allow myself to be imperfect and understand what flow feels like - taking action without stopping myself, without getting in my own way.

What I call free flow writing is to simply darken the page with whatever thought that pops into my head.

If judgement comes up, write, if distracting thoughts comes up, write, if a sentence doesn’t makes any sense, write.

By writing despite of my grammatical mistakes and analytical mind, I slowly started to access a more free flow way of thinking, where the speed of my writing catches up with the speed of my mind…

And something interesting happens when I am in this space. Because I’ve given myself permission to write anything that pops up, after a while all that gunk that was on my mind is already on the paper, so what’s left is not what I was thinking about writing, but what I truly want to say.

By writing like this I access deeper ideas that I’d not have access to as easily if I first didn’t allow myself to go through the more superficial thoughts and fears of “what do I write?” “what if this is no good?” “what if other’s don’t like it?”.

Write those fears.

Write the doubts.

Let your whole self be seen.

Because after that, slowly what remains is what you truly want to say and before you realise you’ve already written a post



P.S Oh, and if you are wondering about editing, don’t worry about it. You can do that later ;)

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