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Creating Money Out of Thin Air

Last weekend at @ankushkjain ‘s school, he gave all 20 us a task of creating money in 2 hours during lunch break.

There were no rules on how to go about it. The only objective was to create money in any way we found possible - without stealing or harming anyone.

Immediately after he announced the exercise most of us were in shock.

Except for me.

I was only shitting my pants.

My very first reaction was that there was no way I’d create any money in 2 hours.

How? Who’d pay me? What would I need to do?

I noticed my mind going fast and getting desperate.

But I realised that state of mind was not helpful for insights and good ideas, so I started to let go and be curious and reflective instead.

During those 2 hours a lot of ideas came to mind, ideas that I’d usually take days to think about before acting on them (or not acting at all).

But the time constraint had me think I didn’t have the luxury of nitpicking my ideas and analysing them too much. Instead I had to be:

Idea -> action -> idea -> action

I soon remembered this is a very different way of operating. Living in my head and living in life are worlds apart.

A year ago I thought I knew what this difference was, but it’s been really only this year that I’ve got a deeper feel for what it’s like to live as immediate action.

Don’t get me wrong. During those 2 hours I got many crap ideas and many times I felt myself rushing and stumbling.

But here’s the thing, making mistakes by playing on the field is a far better way to grow than spectating on the sidelines. It’s learning at it’s finest.

At the end of those 2 hours I made €2900. That’s €2900 more than I imagined I’d make.

And all together we made approx. £56000.

That was an incredible wake up call to how powerful and creative we already are when we get out of our own ways.

If you’d like to experience some of that, see if you can get a feel for the difference of playing in action and thinking about playing.

And if you’re interested to explore this deeper I’m happy to share more about it in a conversation. Just send me a PM



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