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Can We Really Let Go and Let life Guide Us?

Some schools of thought says that there's an intelligence behind life. That life itself is a dynamic and creative force of expansion. It is in the plants, making them blossom; it is in babies, making them grow; it is in our bodies, always bringing our systems back to homeostasis and function. And it is in our minds, auto-correcting our blurred thinking towards clarity, smart intuitive hits and higher states of consciousness.

It is said that this intelligence is ever present, it is the nature of life itself assisting us all times. It is what allow us to have great simple ideas, deep understanding, wisdom, happiness, love and it is what makes everything in our experience transient and temporary. It is what makes our whole experience ALIVE and full of energy.

In fact, if it IS life, it is the wholeness of its content as well, it is a formless energy AND an expression of this energy into the world of form. As Albert Einstein discovered, E=MC². Energy equals matter.

Life itself is spiritual, for it is formless, a space, an alive nothingness from where everything is created.

The premisse is that the more we are aware of life's intelligence, the better becomes our experience in the wold. Not that we then get more cars, money or the circumstances we desire, but that no matter what reality we live in, our relationship and, therefore, our whole experience of it changes. It would be as if we look at the same world with different lenses.

We would navigate our lives with more ease, more relaxed and with better performance. Because we could always and forever rely on life to guide us and never leave us astray. We would still act in the world and many times spend incredible amounts of time and attention to create things, we would still go on with our lives not knowing many things and knowing a few others and we would still experience some stress, negative thinking and times where we would slip off and temporarily forget about this whole intelligence.

But, we would not attach our selves to these experiences, there would be a much lighter grip to what we have or know and a much calm trust to walk not knowing. Presence would just be and our engagement with life would be one of flow and inspiration with whatever we are creating each moment. And in the times of suffering we would see through the illusion of that reality, waking up to the day-time nightmares we would be having.

I am not entirely sure of the truth of such intelligence behind life, I don't even know I would ever be entirely sure. But, I must say I didn't use my willpower to heal my wounds, to force a beautiful feeling, to put a clear idea in my head, to understand deeper or to control the millions of functions that are happening right now in my body in order to keep me alive, from the right muscles contracting to the vast array of thoughts passing through my mind.

It looks like to me that the more I think I need to control things with my little ego the more messed up things get and the worst of an experience I have. The less I focus on little me and the more I pay attention to the space before my personal thinking - that clarity of mind - the more I notice how much better life seems to get and look like, just by me going with the flow of it.

It is a space that can feel very scary at first and that's why we resist. Because it is a letting go of personal control, a surrender to life's guidance, an openness to ask a question you don't know an answer to and move with the unknown, aware that you will only know when you need it most. We become humble, in touch with the source of life's infinite wisdom and at the same time knowing we are human, limited, imperfect, we can never know it all.

Have you ever felt such space? Have you ever felt that presence where you flow without thought, things seem to just fall into place and you intuitively know what to do, where clarity & peace of mind is a given?

Well, what if that is our nature, what if those effortless experiences shows us who we truly are in our essence and the only thing that keeps us away from realizing that, is a personal thought we really believe it to be true?

Much love,



If you would like to explore this topic with more depth so you can start letting go and letting life guide you, coaching might be good for you. Contact me for an inquire about it.

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