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Being a Creator

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Since I´ve been listening more and more people talk about creativity, not as a "talent some people have and others don´t", but as a natural quality to create that we are all born with, I´ve been wanting to get a better feel for it.

To simply start tuning into that source of creativity and start creating cool shit in the world.

It got even better when Yangxuan joined me into this (actually it´s more like I joined her) and started to see what comes through her own creativity.

The surprising bit is how I much I am learning with this. It´s not like rocket science, those are paper cuts, some paint and a (very cool) macrame thingy she did.

But the process of creation. It´s about creating space for something new to come through, a choice to stay and play with that feeling of inspiration, a willingness to put in the work, the time and continue working on it.

To have a feel for when to stop and rest and when the energy is bursting through our actions, and when no feelings are present but the thought of "wouldn´t it be cool if...?" come up and we follow that.

It is on falling in love with the process, with not knowing what to do, with being ok with imperfections, with just showing up and being in the game.

And that everyone can do, can´t we all?

That´s for life and anything we want to create. Rather it is a great relationship, a painting, to develop a skill, become great at a sport, grow our careers, a trip, a writing, a got the point.

Putting our time, work and clean attention into our longing to see becoming reality. Being fully in to wherever that knowing will take us. Having a sense of direction, taking imperfect actions and letting go of any results that takes place.

Just doing the best we can with a clear mind and being open to be surprised by a new idea, insight or knowing that we don´t yet know.

We are all creators. Rather we create worry and anxiety in our heads or use that power to create cool shit in the world, we can all tap into and be open to that space where cool ideas come from and take it from there.

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