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A Deeper Look at Work Satisfaction

Are you satisfied at work?

Someone in my men’s group posed a question around how they keep achieving goals but don’t feel satisfied with that, which got me thinking…do I ever get to a point of being truly satisfied and “done” with my achievements?

At first glance, my answer is no, because I’ll naturally have an inclination to unravel something, to evolve, to learn something new and try new things. Nature is like that. Nature is constantly evolving. So it makes sense that my work will always evolve as well

But there’s something deeper here…

Satisfaction as a psychological state is that sense of being complete, present, enough and not needing anything. Which is what happens when there’s a quieting down of that incessant search of the mind for something more, different or better - in the absence of that ego driven search, there’s nothing to look for, nothing to add, I am happy now.

Everyone has experienced feeling content with what IS at some moment in their lives. It doesn’t matter what is happening around us, the mind quiets down and we realise we don’t have to hold on to any thought about searching.

AND in my experience, feeling content doesn’t mean I stop playing in life and sit on my hands for the whole day.

Within us there’s still that natural pull towards learning and having new experiences, but it’s a slow paced one. It’s more like the turtle than the bunny. A constant, steady flow of change

If there’s a feeling of lack, of pressure to change, of rush, that’s a sign for me that I got caught up in the thought of “I’ll be happy over there! Not here!”. I am suffering about where I am right now and I will always be looking outside for something else to fulfil me - mental trap.

There’s no need for rush and change is constantly happening.

It’s enough as it is and there’s always more to explore.

I am happy and I still want to play.

I am making the most out of this work and I’d love to do more of something else as well.

It’s not an either or, you can have your cake and eat it too.

The moment it becomes an ‘either or’ is when rush, doubt and suffering comes along.

You can trust yourself, your wisdom, to take just the next step.



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