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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

About a week ago Hanna passed away.

I loved her so much, I still do and I am pretty sure I will until the end of times.

Hanna was a beautifully silly 3 year old in the body of a serious wolf (not really a wolf), her spirit was just calm, zen, playful and a truly loyal companion.

She stayed with us for about 10 years until her physical complications limited her to share her fresh breath of love and attention with us.

It´s still quite unbelievable she died. Because her beautiful presence just shines bright in my mind.

If energy is not created nor destroyed, I am sure she was, are and will always be with us. But boy it was great to meat her in flesh, to play, run, see her turning on her killer wolf senses with cats and birds.

A true gem was this experience so far Hanna. May your spirit now dance freely in whatever form it takes.

I love you.

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