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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an interesting thing. We talk, we go deeper than any usual conversation you might have, leaving nothing off the table and then, from a place of complete honesty, trust and reflection, insights, ideas and miracles happen.

I have conversations like this with emerging leaders every week. I love working with them because, to me, we can all become leaders of ourselves. Leadership is not bound to a certain job role or position. Leaders are what we call those with a certain set of qualities that represent how they are being in the world. 

Emerging leaders are what I call those who don't yet see the potential they already have to be focused, tenacious, effective in their work, creative, adaptive, resilient or authentic and most importantly, accessing all that while enjoying the process and making work or personal projects their playground. 

Through our work together, by looking at some powerful distinctions or at how you are creating your reality and by challenging some of your misunderstandings, I help people naturally create themselves as effective leaders. Because what's often missing is not more information, it's a commitment to a way of being that creates the results you want to see in your work and in your personal life.

If you feel drawn to transform the way you lead your work, your team, your relationships or your life, let's talk. 

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