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Fascinated by what makes people thrive in creating their desired lives and doing so with peace of mind, presence and lightheartedness, for years I've explored, studied and trained on subjects related to work performance, professional & personal development, coaching, mental health and wellbeing.
"How come there are people who are driven, creative, productive and navigate their work and lives with ease while others suffer, struggle and are constantly stuck? Why some people thrive in face of adversity while others never find their way to success? What creates synergy with co-workers and have us build meaningful and strong relationships?"
It was questions like these that sent me on a quest to have a deeper understanding of how the mind works and what is most effective in accessing higher performance, creativity and adaptability without sacrificing our wellbeing or clarity of mind.

The understanding I stumbled upon has helped me and my clients navigate challenges and produce in the world with much more ease and freedom once we realize our own innate capabilities and intelligence to create anything we focus on in life.

I am a coach with 6 years of experience and in constant learning to hone my craft.
Certified in Solution-Focused Brief Coaching by The University of Toronto.

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