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How to have a more wonderful experience of life? What keep us motivated to move forward with our dreams? Why do we keep hiding our gifts to the world?


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I am Felipe, I am fascinated both by people and life. I envision a world where people are doing work they love and thrive doing it.


For years I've pondered upon questions like: how come there are people who are driven, creative, productive and navigate their work and lives with ease while others suffer, struggle and sink stuck in their own feet?  How come some people just seem to thrive in challenging times and others never find their way to success? 


I came across many answers to these questions, many theories and a few truths. I've helped people find these answers for themselves and slowly discover they can navigate their lives and what THEY want to create from a place of authenticity, living their truths aloud. People that I coach usually start to become more creative, at ease and free to move forward in their lives, a little bit more fearless each step.


WHAT PEOPLE are saying

I have worked with Felipe for several months and it has been life changing for me. I wish the ability to work with such a coach for everyone.


I was stuck on most fronts of my life when he and I started our conversations. I have found clarity on how to proceed in my business, I do it fearless now. I have found clarity on difficulties in my personal life. This has been immensely good for me and has created much more freedom and happiness for me. I have found clarity on my thinking processes and insights in how to go about it. This has made me much happier and more productive.


The analogies he uses to explain things have been amazing for me. I now regularly remind myself “too many mind” and then just feel and move on.


Due to the lockdown I hadn’t seen any of friends since March. Now it is August. Recently I met up with one of my friends who I hadn’t seen since March. He was pleasantly surprised by how much I had changed. His comments were that I had become so much more happy and positive with the way I look at life. He hasn’t been the only one who has commented on how much I’ve changed in such a short time.


I honestly wish I could have continued working with Felipe as it’s been so profound for me. I will do so again as soon as I can.

— Diana Boskma

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