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You, thriving

Higher Performance & Freedom of Mind in Your Personal and Professional Life

Hi, I am Felipe

I've been fascinated all my life by what makes people thrive, what makes them tick. How come some people create their work and lives with such ease and flow and at the same time build heartfelt relationships with everyone they meet while others struggle to take action and connect with others or with themselves? 

I am constantly exploring the answers to these questions and sharing my findings below. I'd love for you to join me and create a whole new experience of life for you.


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Work Performance & Freedom of Mind

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Kaled Hegli

​Dear reader picture entering a forest foggy and dark...

There is where I found myself a couple of times, the “forest of ideas” covered by the “fog of emotions” within the “darkness of worry” increasing around me as the time went by.

And there I was lucky to be approached by a friendly voice of someone with a torchlight and a good sense of direction, coming by to shine a light on the many trees and the paths between them, lowering the emotional load as if moving to less foggy areas, and then finally helping me reach out of the forest toward a field of clarity and space before everything got too dark.

That’s how it goes when you have a session with Felipe, he helps you to play in the field of the heart like a Brazilian plays with a ball on the pitch, not missing the target but always with a relaxed touch. And on the stage of the mind he can help you dance, owning your ground, as a Samba dancer does in the Carnival.

Muito Obrigado Felipe


If you have a question or comment, or if you would like to contact me to enquire about my services, please use this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email me on

Helsinki, Finland

Thank you for your message, I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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